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Cattle Feed & Fodder Seeds Distribution



We have made efforts to make cattle feed more balanced, nutritional and therapeutic, and we have been able to activate a "Feed Block Producation" a first of its kind in Gujarat and fourth in india; thereby manufactureing "GOLD" and "POSHAK"; such two type of feed blocks - focusing the necessity of what type and how much an animal need in a day at the crux. Feed-block is an ideal substitute of green and dry fodder; which is a total mixed cattle feed. Moreover, we are also producing de-wroming medicine blended cattle feed looking to the seasonal need. We are fortifying the cattle feed with Vitamin E and live yeast culture four times in a year which develop positive influence on productivity and wellness of animals

Details 2015-2016(MT) 2016-2017(MT)
Production Capacity  per Day 300 MT/day 300 MT/day
Average Production per Day 419 MT per day 441 MT per day
TOTAL SALES of Dan 1,34,610.5 MT 1,47,469 MT
Sumul Feed Block (Gold) 22,278 Nos 14,127 Nos
Sumul Feed Block (Poshak) - 150 Nos
Sumul Fodder Blocks 1,065 Nos 6,639 Nos
Sumul Calcium Pallets (1 kilo pack) 13,750 Packets 6,705 Packets
Sumul Milk Shakti (SMS.) 1 Kilo Pack 1,00,544 Packets 55,902 Packets
Sumineral Forte plus powder 1 Kilo pack 1,51,891 Packets 68,127 Packets
Sumul Ferticare Gold powder 1 kilo pack - 56,844
Sumul de wormer Dan 500 gm pack - 1,14,764


Fodder Seeds Distribution Programme

In profitable animal husbandry practice it is important that every farmer has quality nutritive green and dry fodders as per their annual requirement to produced his own is the most important.

Improved quality and more production in few land hybrid fodder seeds are being provided by our union at 25% assistance.

Details 2015-16 (MT) 2016-17 (MT)
Lucerne Anand — 2 1.566 1.728
Lucerne Bajara 156.400 164.725
Jawar ( S. S. G.) 744.995 959.584
Maize (African tall) 114.890 194.330
Nutrifeed 6.996 4.526
Total fodder seeds 1024.847 1,324.893

Details of subsidy under FDP / NDP - 1 Programme

Project 2015-16 Subsidy
2016-17 Subsidy
Total Subsidy
Amout (RS)
Total Subsidy
Amout (RS)
RBP 53,27,865 23,64,974 76,92,839 48,216 Animal
FDP 13,85,152 14,93,735 28,78,887 69,594 BENEFICIARIES
2,51,86,314 22,36,312 2,74,22,626 955 MILK SOCIETIES
TOTAL 3,18,99,331 60,95,021 3,79,94,352 -