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Fertility Improvement Programme ( F I P Programme )

After the successive implementation of NECO project of Sumul Dairy, a similar programme FIP (Fertility Improvement Programme) being implemented by GCMMF, Anand since 2007-2008. Every year different milk societies are selected & after the registration of unproductive cow/ buffalo heifer & dry animals , they are being treated by the experts in 4 infertility camps at 45 days interval & With a vision to make productive such unproductive animals, this successful programme is being implemented. Registered animals under this programme will be given 2 packets of Sumul Kruminashak Dan, 5 kg Sumineral forte plus powder, 3 bags of Sumul elite Dan to avoid malnutrition & worms load. Success of the programme is mentioned below..

FIP year Conception Rate No of Registered animals
First 82.2 13,099
Second 80.2 14,750
Third 80 14,796
Fourth 80 12,675
Fifth 79 10,068
Sixth 78 7,546
Seventh 78 39,011
Eighth 76.6 22,494

At present 213 societies of our union are being covered under FIP-9 (Fertility Improvement Programme) in which 24138 animals are being registered. 3 infertility camps completed in each society & fourth camp is in progress at present. Total 6709 animals found pregnant out of the total registered animals. It is a plan to cover more 350 societies under this programme.

Sumul Pregnant heifer / Buffalo heifer Scheme (PHS) :

Two points are most important for the profitable animal husbandry business. (1) calving at early age (2) Interval between two calving. With the calving at early age it is necessary to care in the pregnancy because in this condition heifers have to store energy for the development of the body as well as development of foetus & the milk production. If heifers could not get proper nourishment it can not produce a healthy calf & very low milk production means spoiling of first calving will affect all forth coming calving & total milk production of lifespan.

Due to lack of nourishment 30% pregnant heifers show various problems like low milk production, prolapse, retained placenta, Calcium deficiency after parturition, recumbence during pregnancy, unable to stand up etc. To avoid such big problems Sumul Dairy has implemented PHS for concluding 100 days of pregnancy. Prime motive of this project is to increase milk production at first calving, To increase milk procurement, & to increase the number of milch animals in our area. Under this project as per union norms more than 6 months pregnant heifers are being provided 4 bags elite Dan (BCF), 7 Kg Mineral Mixture powder, 7 Kg Sumul Milk Shakti powder at the very nominal rate of just 500 Rs per animal to avoid lack of nourishment. During the year about 6323 pregnant heifers are being registered under this project.