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Heart Surgery


Each & every organization should have its own identification, isn't it? Sumul Dairy becomes a big tree by spreading fragrance of the social services in its milk shed area of Surat & Tapi District, which gives shed to the common milk producer just like that the chairman & committee members have gathered all the milk producers of Surat & Tapi District in a one basket.

To secure such basket, Sumul Dairy had organized a "Cardiac Disease Diagnosis" camp on 20/12/2009 in which 1300 patient were get checked for their cardiac problem which is an admirable event for Sumul Dairy.

In this occasion "Cardiac Camp" was inaugurated by a famous legend saint Shri Rameshbhai Oza. He said that whose heart gets feeling when he see others problem his heart is alive, who at wealth if it has a sincere worker more. It is a serious disease that human heart becomes a stone today.

It will solve all the problems in the society if you delete selfishness from the heart & irrigate it with the love. I am proud of that Sumul Dairy has performed its duty very well & Sumul Dairy takes care of economic status of the common man as well as health status also.

Particulars Number
Total No of patient for checking their cardiac disease; 1125
No of patients for various operations for heart disease Congenital defect i. e. SD, VSD, PDA Defect in heart valve, Angiography, coronary artery block (by pass surgery) 602