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Automatic Milk Collection Stations

With the aim of procuring fresh and clean milk at the society level along with enhancing self-assurance while getting slip showing Milk Fat, SNF, quantity and price of milk supplied by member during milk collection, Automatic Milk Collection Stations are installed at milk societies. A software package for entire accounting procedure of the society having modern facility has been incorporated therein. An arrangement been made that society member pouring milk will get his details on computer.

To get the details of receiving of the societies having BCU, 400 societies are being made online by which all the details of receiving could be received over here and Milk collection data are being stored over here. So, whenever problem arises in this regard, details could be received from here.

Details 2016-17
Automated Milk Collection Centre 1547
Weighing scale & Milko tester 99
Weighing scale 169