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‘Milk House’ Aid

As milk house of the society is the centre of the development of the milk society, it is necessary that every milk society has own well facilitated milk house. For the development of milk producers and milk business this is the exclusive unit at rural level.

Our union has given more importance to this field and to have well furnished milk house up to 250000 assistance and if BCU is to be installed 75000 more assistance being provided. Thus union has given prime importance. In addition loan facility up to 200000 being provided for milk house. During the year 354.05 Lacs provided for Milk house aid to 171 milk societies and 61.50 Lacs Rs provided to 36 milk societies for milk house loan.

In addition Government provides 250 square metre land to societies powered by women at just Rs 1 per year for 15 years. After such approval to the societies Rs 500000 assitance being provided. During the year 11 societies from Surat district and 3 societies from Tapi district total 14 societies have received such assistance through milk union.

sr.No. Society Taluka
1 Tarbhon Bardoli
2 Palsod Bardoli
3 Kamroli Olpad
4 Ariyana Olpad
5 Vasvari Olpad
6 Sarsana Olpad
7 Umeja Kukarmunda
8 Anandpur Uchchhal
9 Ringankuchchha Dolvan
10 Dadaria Valod
11 Pimpripada Nizar
12 Gundi Songadh