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Milk Procurement

With an intention our milk producers can get more income through milk business on Cooperative basis, as a result of various assistance plans and interest free loans for cattle purchase, we could get 8.85 % increase in milk procurement in our milk shed area that we could earn more finance for our milk producers.

During financial year total 49,56,16,679 kilo milk has been procured which indicates -1.12% less than the last year. Rupees 725 per kilo fat which is 4.92%more (691.67 + 33.33 rupees) been paid to make milk business more profitable as compare to 691 rupees paid during last year.

Details 2015 - 2016 2016 - 2017
Cow milk Kilogram 34,10,06,416 32,24,63,325
Buffalo milk Kilogram 16,02,32,098 17,31,53,354
Total Milk Kilogram 50,12,38,514 49,56,16,679
Total Kilo fat 2,51,69,963 2,50,78,925
Total Kilo SNF 4,35,11,832 4,30,79,046
Certificate - Milk Procurement