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Chelated Minerals & Other Activities

Mineral Mixture is a mixture of various major minerals and trace elements viz. calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, magnesium etc. Remarkable difference in mineral contents of soil in hilly terrain, tribal belt and coastal area is noted. Mineral content in soil has its effect on fodder and lastly on health of milch animals and milk production. In order to maintain animal in good health, we have supplemented mineral mixture in cattle feed to overcome mineral deficiency. Keeping mineral mixture deficiencies issues in mind, mineral mixture powder plant at Chalthan have been made operational. We have supplied 68,127Kg chelated mineral mixture to milk co-operatives.

To eliminate fertility problems in animals due to mineral deficiency, “Sumul Ferticare gold Plus” powder enriched with bypass fat and chelated minerals is being produced by sumul dairy and being arranged to sell at society level . Sumineral forte Plus, Sumul Ferticare Gold, Sumul Milk Shakti powder, Calcium pellets and Sumul Krumi Nashak Dan are sold from the Chalthan centre.

Generally, during monsoon season, more number of milch animals gets infested with worm infestation. Keeping this issue in mind, we have manufactured balanced cattle feed fortified with adequate dose of Anathelmetic (De wormer) drugs and packet of 500 gm of the same supplied to the respective societies.

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Suda Distribution (Nos.) 17 18
Electric Chaff cutters (Nos.) 811 586
Electric Chaff cutters (Nos.) Government Plan 259 505