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New projects and expansion activities

To make milk processing more speedy and new products to be introduced in the market and to increase the capacity of the plant, machineries with well advanced technology being purchased and step by step extension of the plant is being done. Details are in short as follows.

  • At Sumul dairy, machineries of processing department are to be shifted to newly constructed Sumul -2 building to make complete automation is about to finish. At present milk processing is done by fully automation.
  • At Sumul Dairy, Surat, Butter milk tanks being made fully automation and activated.
  • At, Sumul Dairy, Surat, as there is increase in selling of Butter milk, 4 packing machines have been operational and to supply butter milk to the market in time.
  • At Sumul dairy, in paneer department peneer production is being increased by making operational of paneer dipping wat and PHE.
  • At Sumul Dairy, New machineries being installed for ghee packing of 200 grams and 500 grams and started to sell with new jar packing.
  • At Sumul Dairy, Surat, Milk of Gir cow procured separately and started required machinery 500 ml bottle Gir cow milk and Gir Amrutam Ghee are being introduced to the market.
  • At Sumul Dairy, Surat a new boiler of 10 ton per hour capacity is being installed and made operational. At Nizar chilling centre of union milk receiving second line been installed and started. Capacity of the chilling plant expanded to cool the milk at standard temperature by which quality of the milk can be maintained.
  • At Lahe plant of the union, Butter milk and curd machineries being installed and made operational. With this 80000 litre storage capacity cold storage made and taken in use. At lahe plant we pack and sell curd and butter milk under Amul brand in the market.
  • Union members will get more remuneration for that well advanced daily 25000 litres capacity Ice cream plant being erected and made operational. In this ice cream plant with European technology we produce untouched ice cream with various flavours and packing under Amul brand for the market. In this plant processing of about 1.5 lac ltr per day also can be done.
  • To cop up demand in future to increase the quality and production of the milk a 500 MT capacity well advanced cattle feed factory is being constructed at Bajipura which has been inaugurated by Honourable prime minister of India Shri Narendrabhai Modi on 17/04/2017 which you know. It can be expanded up to 1200 MT capacity per day. To get seasonal benefit it is increased the storage capacity of raw material and molasses in this factory. This is only the well advanced across the India by which good quality cattle feed can be produced

Future projects :

  • At Navipardi of the union civil work of 30 MT per day capacity powder plant is being started. This plant will be fully automatic. It has been planned to process the milk procure from surrounding of Navipardi centre and other places with 3 lac ltr capacity per day milk processing plant and tanker unloading system. By the establishment of new powder plant it can be made milk powder from excess milk and pack it in various packing for selling in the market in future.
  • At Sumul Dairy, Surat to cop up market demand a curd plant to 40 MT per day capacity from 15 MT per day capacity, Paneer plant to 10 MT capacity per day from 3 MT per day capacity and Butter milk plant 4 MT per day being expanding started, likely to be completed at the end of this year
  • At Navipardi centre of the union best across the India well advanced bakery plant is going to be constructed. In this plant a very high technique being used to produce untouched good quality Bread, Biscuits etc and in addition Iron fortified, more vitamins, calcium, more fibre, more protein, less sugar less sodium and zero trans fat bakery products will be reaching to the customer. This will be activated in the month of September – October of this year and will be lively hood income source for the milk producer of the Surat and Tapi districts
  • A Sumul honey project is being started by the union which is active at Ozer of Songadh taluka at present. It can be sell in the market by producing honey in every Talukas in the coming days.