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Kesar Dryfruit Shrikhand


Product Description

Product name
Kesar Dryfruit Shrikhand
Pack Size :
100g, 200g & 500g cup 1 kg
Chakka, sugar,kesar, kismis, cashew nuts, almonds, elaichi

Special Feature :

SHRIKHAND (KESAR DRYFRUIT) is obtained from chakka (Chakka is obtained by draining off whey from the Dahi obtained by lactic fermentation of pasteurized cow’s/buffalo’s milk or standardized milk) and addition of natural saffron and dry fruits.

Nutritional Feature :

Rich in milk protein, carbohydrate, fat, calcium and phosphorus


Nutritional Information

Serving size: 100g

Amount Per Serving % DV Per Serving
Total Fat, g 7.1 10.9
Saturated fat, g 3.5 17.5
Cholesterol, mg 0.019 6.3
Protein, g 6.8 13.6
Total carbohydrate, g 44 14.7
Added Sugar, g 40
Calcium, mg 67 13.4
Phosphorus mg 105 21
Sodium, mg 29 1.2
Energy, kcal 267  
Energy from fat, kcal 64  
Not a significant source of Dietary Fibre, Vitamin A & C and Iron.
*Approximate Values