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Total Quality Management

To execute chemical analysis of milk at Sumul Dairy and chilling centres laboratories are made with advanced equippments, total 6 milko scan (FT 120) and 6 indifos machine, one advance milko scan (FT1) which are able to give information regarding adulteration in milk and two milko scan minor machines are being activated at the laboratories of the union. To estimate the bacterial count in the milk, a well advanced high tech Bacto scan machine is being activated at the main laboratory of the union.

At Sumul Dairy, Surat advanced RTPCR machine is there for the test of A1 and A2 protein.

At the main laboratory, all chilling centre laboratories and at Lahe plant B. R. digital machine being given which are useful to check the quality of the fat of the milk.

By these all advanced machines we can check our all tests perfectly and who adulterates milk just for little benefit can also be detected successfully. As per Government of India, new food safety norms and under that if some chemical or biological defect detected in the samples taken by them will lead to Ignominy Or disgrace to the union reputation. To avoid such we all at every level, field and by team work for food safety and quality by constant efforts.

By following ISI system we could make noticeable improvement in the milk quality. During the year an improvement can be seen in the acidity of the milk from rural area.


To get step matched with the international level rules of Food safety, our union had been possessing the certificate of ISO 9002:1994 and codex HACCP- 9000 since the year of 2000. In the year 2003 it had been upgraded ISO standard to 9001: 2000 and we made our quality management system advanced as per that standard. Sumul Dairy, Surat and Lahe plant to gather certified with ISO: 9001: 2008 in the year 2008.

To maintain quality, it is necessary to be alert for cattle care, BCU, chilling centre, Milk transportation and the central unit of the dairy during all these activities precautionary measured and care to be taken keeping in view customers must get clean and good quality milk. Our, all chilling centres also being recertified with international standard level Quality Management System 9001:2008 certification in October, 2013. At present from January, 2017 all chilling centres being certified with new standard ISO: 9001:2015.

We could improve persistent step by step improvement in the quality of the milk. At rural level 6 societies had received ISO 9001:2000 in 2005 and that had also been re-evaluated in 2008 and renewed up to 2011. In, 2010 April more 26 societies have received ISO: 9001:2008 certificate. In April, 2011 another 49 milk societies were surveyed by the “Sai – Global, Australia” and all these 49 societies are nominated to issue ISO: 9001:2008 certificate. In 2013 – 14, 50 societies more certified with ISO 9001 – 2008 quality management system. Now all chilling centres are being certified with new standard ISO: 9001: 2015 from January, 2017.

In Sumul Dan Factory, Chalthan implemented since August, 2001 as per ISO: 9001:2001, it was re-evaluated as per ISO: 9001:2008 in March, 2013 and was made re-evaluated again in 2016. A new addition of ISO 9001;2008 will be ISO 9001;2015 will be implemented at Sumul Dairy, Surat.