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Quality & Environment

Atmosphere Management system: (ISO 14001:2004)

The Environment Policy Certificate

Our organization is alert for the environment also and we are supposed to protect the atmosphere and to control the pollution. Since 2002, our organization certified with environment management system means ISO 14001:1996 has done updation of the environment management system as per ISO 14001:2004 in May, 2006 which was renewed by 2014. At present, it has been made advanced by evaluated that again as per ISO 14001:2004 in March, 2014 which is made valid up to May, 2017.

From 1 May, 2017 revised with a new standard 14001: 2015. Thus, we have achieved remarkable targets regarding environment in every field. Natural sources like Electricity and water were being used in limit. We have grabbed National energy conservation award 7 times for saving electricity and energy. In tree plantation aspect, 60 big tree plantations, 135 small tree plantations being planted in the union and aligned with this 1305178 tree plantation have been made at rural society level in Surat and tapi district with their support our union being the eco friendly contribution to the project will definitely promote the climatic wealth.

The Environment Policy

Sumul Dairy is fully aware of its duty towards environment and committed to harmonize the living beings and ecosystem. We are associated with milk procurement from villages, chilling, transporting, processing, packing and distribution in rural and urban areas. We are also engaged in veterinary services and supplying cattle feed. We look forward to reduce pollution, minimizing wastes , optimum use of resources and greening by creating awareness in employees and interested parties, maintaining legal compliance.

We will endeavor to identify the potential impact by proper operation, technology, manpower handling and methodology.

We aspire to:

  • comply with all applicable environmental legislations, regulations.
  • Prevent pollution to land, water and air
  • Reduce water, power and fuel consumption
  • Minimize solid waste and increase re-cycling
  • Involve interested parties to achieve our objectives
  • Training to achieve objectives and improvement.
  • Use of innovative eco-friendly technology to improve performance.
  • Identify and control the environmental risk
  • Promoting greening of the Earth

Ornament, Plastic and Glass Policy

We at sumul dairy, are committed to ensure supply of good and safe quality milk and milk products to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.

We will achieve this by continuous monitoring of safe use of ornament, glass and plastic materials in production and storage areas and restrict use of ornaments in production areas to avoid any occurance of physical food hazard.