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Quality & Environment

Food Safety Management System: (ISO 22000:2005)

Certificate - The Food Safety Policy

In the year 2000 after getting codex (HACCP 9000) cerificate we become ready that it is a formation to keep intact the International food safety norms.

In 2006 ISO 22000 similar to food safety low being implemented such certificate was received in November, 2008 & in March, 2014 all four chilling centres being certified with ISO 22000:2005 food safety managment. As per Food & safety low & standard 2006 our responsibility will be up to " Grass to Glass". To assure that milk doesn't contain any elements harmful to health Sumul dairy, Surat & Laheplant, Nasik both to gather being certified with ISO: 22000:2005 in the year 2008 which is NVGL certification body powered by Netherland.

The Food Safety Policy

We at SUMUL dairy are devoted, dedicated and motivated workforce trained to ensure procurement of good quality milk, processing of milk and manufacturing & supply of safe and good quality milk and milk products consistently that conforms contractual and legal requirements to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.

We will achieve this by effective communication of food safety and quality issues to producers, employees, suppliers, contractors and consumers in the procurement, processing, storage and distribution chain and by continuous monitoring, reviewing and upgrading procedures and processes, applying scientific innovations, state of the art technology and quality and food safety management system.

  • To understand and meet customer needs
  • To develop competency of employees for continual improvement of their performance and effectiveness
  • To review food safety and quality management system and demonstrate continual improvement
  • To apply scientific innovations, state of art technology and be cost competitive
  • To ensure consistent supply of good and safe quality of milk and milk products