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Sumul Vanskui Animal Breeding Center

Population of adult animals in our district accounted through A.I. ranges 30 to 35%, and, through natural service ranges 70-75% by cow bulls/buffalo bulls having very poor hereditary characteristics, which can possess genetic diseases too. Progeny born though such natural services are very pathetic whose milk yielding capacity is very low. Such animals are not affordable in the time to come.With the objective to develop cow bulls and buffalo bulls possessing finest characteristics for such natural service, a Breeding Center has been established at Vanskui of Mahuva taluka.

For such natural service, to provide high profile bull / bufflo bull with best milk character point of view a rear centre being established at vanskui of Mahuva taluka for the rearing of bull / bufflo bull for natural service.

Under DIPA (Progeny Testing) programme, cow- heifers/buffalo-heifers possessing finest hereditary characteristics are tested for contagious diseases and genetic diseases. And those which have clean record, will be brought to the center and nurtured with scientific techniques; and then will be allotted to areas where A.I. is least acknowledged.

In future, finest bulls will be produced through bulls provided from our Vanskui center which will have unparalleled characteristics as that of A.I. This year, we have provided 291 cow bulls/buffalo bulls in different areas. At present 26 HF males & 11 Gir males are being reared.

With an intension that heifers with high pedigree & Sumul genetics characters produced by PT Project, Sumul AI, Nominated mating & heifers produced through the Cow/Buffalo bulls should not be sold out from our district & such pedigree could be saved for our milk producers we have started Cow/buffalo heifer rearing centre at "SV ABC " at Vanskui Taluka Mahuva in which such heifers are purchased from milk producer who wants to sell or milk producer who is unable to rear are reared at the centre & given to our milk producer only. Till the time 1998 & during the year 139 such pregnant heifers are being distributed in the district.

As per the Indian ancient culture & Vedas who is called mother & whose milk is being called Amrit that the Gir Heifer & Gir cows, which is high profile, whose milk is good for the health & contains A2 type milk protein which are useful in the fatal diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Asthama, Blood pressure, TB & Various skin diseases are being reared over here & distributed as per need to the members of the villages of Sumul Milk shed area.

At Green Energy centre a Bio gas plant of 60 Cubic metre is being run by the dung of cattle by which gas is produced & with the help of such gas a three phase electricity power is being produced by using bio gas supporting generator. This power is converted in single hase with the help of inerter by which we operate a hydro poenics machine & this system produces about 400 kilo high quality industrial green grass. From bio gas slurry wormi compost fertilizer is being produced. During the year total 2647 bags such fertilizer & 232 kilo of earth worms & 24495 litres urine of gir cow are sold out. From this centre 1218 members get trained a day training under Atma project & more than 11200 members from various milk societies for touring were being taken to our farm visit