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Social Corporate Responsibility


The more number of diseases are being seen in the animals caused by internal parasites (worms) in the rainy season. The decreased milk production, slow body development, weakness, loose motion, indigestion and infertility related problems are being seen due to internal parasitic diseases. To eradicate these diseases, the de-worming tablets/boluses were distributed under mass de-worming campaign. The 25% subsidy is being given by the union.

Sr. No Details 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 Deworming Tablets/Bolus (No.) 3,84,098 1,50,332
2 Total amount (Rs.) 17,63,275 6,35,792
3 Aid amount (Rs.) 4,26,656 1,53,318


With the help of GCMMF, Anand, 10 milk societies got involved by our union under PBP. Under this programme, by doing measurement of milk those animals having capacity to produce more milk, the offspring of such animals inseminated by the semen dose received from premium cow bull/buffalo bull to produce heifers in more numbers with high genetic profile with the aim to get more milk production.

Sr. No Details 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 Milk societies included under P.B.P. 27 10
2 Animals covered under milk measurement 67 67


Calves taken bi1th under PTP and PEP and those having high genetic characteristics, selected such type of calves are being rear under strategic calf rearing program at Sumul Animal Breeding Centre-Vanskui and Sumul Sakhi Dairy farm, Bhanawadi. GCMMF, Anand and Sumul Dairy, Surat running this programme so that first calving of cross bred calves in 24 months and deshi calves in 30 months can be under strategic calf rearing program.

Sr. No Details 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 Cross Bred female calves covered under Strategic C.R.P 10 17
2 Gir female calves covered under Strategic C.R.P 8 11
3 Calves covered under Strategic C.R.P. 5 3
23 31


With help of GCMMF, Anand, the Ethnovet Program is implemented in our working field of the union. To reduce the use of antibiotic medicines during treatment of animals and to get produce good quality milk, the Ethnovet practices were implanted.

Sr. No Year 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 Total cases under E.V.P. 968 1,150


By using advanced scientific technology in the field of animal husband1y, the implementations of various schemes are being executed. The online application of Veterinary Treatment is a part of Digitalization of Veterinary Services and 24 hours and 365 days quality treatment is being providing through Veterinary Call Center by the 85 expert-experienced veterinary doctors. Under which ledger for on line treatment per animal and per dairy farmer is available, through which the animal has been previously treated by which the quality of veterinary service is improved by getting accurate information on the spot.

No. Details 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 Mobile Animal Clinic route / Zone 17 27
2 Micro veterinary route / Zone 09
3 Animal treatment during the year 3,94,643 3,98,381
4 Sp. Veterinary visit 1,61,287 2,69,097
5 Primary animal treatment center 435 438
6 Primary animal treatment case 8,243 9,152
7 Animal treatment camp 1,028 1,125
8 Cases in Animal treatment camps 1,23,199 1,29,284
9 Artificial insemination center 435 438
10 No. of Artificial inseminations 4,48,559 4,55,668
11 Pregnancy treatment case 2,74,505 2,78,283
12 Foot & Mouth disease vaccination 2,75,685 2,42,780
13 Theileriosis disease vaccination 238 6,400
14 H.S. - B.Q vaccination 14,578 1,37,820
15 Anti Rabbies vaccination 618 722
16 Brucella vaccination 8,170 14,720
17 Lampi Skin disease Vaccination 00 1,09.349


Mastitis is mainly observed in milch animals especially in high yielding animals. Generally, if our milk producer could be able to diagnose the mastitis before its clinically appearance then it can be prevented calving loss of animal, milk of particular lactation and huge financial loss of the milk producer, that's why our union has implemented such important program with the help of GCMMF, Anand.

In program, milk producers himself diagnose the subclinical mastitis then it can be planned to prevent it immediately. Before the symptoms appear, diagnosis of this disease made in more than 50% animals out of covered in this program and we could be able to prevent loss to the animal and their financial loss.

Sr. No Details 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 CMT test of milk sample done by member (first round) 34,040 38,627
2 CMT test of milk sample member observed Positive (first round) 22,354 24,238
3 CMT test per animal 2,00,576 2,46,050
4 Animal under CMT test (first round) 1,17,617 1,44,921
5 Positive animal in CMT test (first round) 81,989 1,02,824
6 Animal under CMT test (second round) 78,192 1,01,129
7 Positive animal in CMT test (second round) 32,071 39,601
8 Trisodium citrate given to animal 1,14,696 1,36,116
9 Improvement in animal after Trisodium citrate given 49,918 63,223
10 Improvement in animal after Trisodium citrate given (percent) 3360.88 61.48