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Biogas Plant

Biogas Project

Our milk producer women at rural level also get facility like city women smoke less & healthy permanent facility a family size 2 cubic meter capacity bio gas unit based on dung being provided.

In such project Rs.19,100 assistance to SC/ST beneficiaries & Rs.15,300 assistance to other beneficiaries are being received from government sector.

During the year 67 biogas units were being activated to provide the best facility.

Biogas Plant

Compost Bank based Biogas Production and Distribution Unit

Our Union has designed first ever Dung Bank at Bhitbudrak, Uchchhal taluka with a producer-friendly objective of making our milk business more profitable by collecting and utilizing dung obtained from the animals at one place; thereby producing gobar-gas and distributing it at uniform pressure through pipelines layout as in city to supply to 121 beneficiaries. This way we have accomplished the programme of village cleanliness and environment improvement. The dung slurry getting produced by this process can be used directly for making the process of worm compost simplified. India's first ever Pressure system based is shaped marvelously with the contribution of village people, District Panchayat, Surat and our Union. State government and Energy department of Central Government have cherished our efforts, and, as a part of connotation we are extending the programme to make this planning speedy in other villages too. By virtue of this scheme, additional income of Rs. 15 lacs will be available to members annually. With the milk collection, economics of the district can be kept vibrant even without income from agriculture, and, milk producers of the district can spend life respectfully with the 'milk business', which is getting shape today, so Sumul has fulfilled this beautiful and guiding work to prove its dedication towards social and moral duty.

Our milk producers use the cow dung as a fertilizer rather than the fuel. If it is used as a fuel, time could be saved by cooking the food in a short period & costly gas cylinders could be saved& methane gas produced through cow dung which spoils the environment. So, with an intension that methane gas to be collected in the tank & to be used it in kitchen as bio fuel, union has activated about 700 family sized bio gas plants in last seven years. In addition to government assistance we have given Rs. 1000 assistance to encourage that each & every milk producer will take the benefit of such project to his home. About 320 biogas plants have been made activated during the year.