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Bulk Chilling Unit


To make milk and milk products as per customers need, union has installed “Bulk Chilling Units” at societies to facilitate chilling at the place of procurement, so that milk can not be transported in canes and directly transported through insulated tankers to maintain desired quality of the milk.

Under this program, union has made Navi Pardi, Bajipura and Uchchhal Chilling Centres “Cane Free Chilling Centre” by installing Bulk Chilling Units at the milk societies and to maintain milk quality, total 149 BCUs have been installed upto July 2019, this campaign was could be made successful by providing 50 % financial aid by union and with the cooperation of societies.

Bulk Chilling Unit (BCU)

Sumul has set an exemplary standard in maintaining and regulating production quality and the collection and processing of milk. To meet international standards for milk and milk products, it's crucial to source high-quality milk from local milk societies. The Union has installed bulk chilling units of various capacities for this purpose. Milk can be cooled at the society level as well as at the union level, resulting in improved milk consistency. Additionally, the convenience of transporting two to four tankers of milk in a single trip has been arranged. Societies can also collect milk at their preferred times. Immediate cooling of milk prevents the growth of microorganisms, ensuring good milk quality. Currently, the Union receives an estimated 80 to 90% of milk with a MBRT (Methylene Blue Reduction Time) of 5 to 6 hours, allowing us to provide high-quality milk in the market.

Year Gujarat Maharashtra Goa Total
2021-2022 710 201 15 926
2022-2023 730 219 16 965

Under the NPDD project in Surat and Tapi districts, a total of 26 Bulk Chilling Units (B.C.U), which accounts for 60% of the total, were installed with subsidies, and all of them are now operational. Additionally, during the year, the Union has provided 10 new B.C.U under its own subsidy scheme. This has provided significant relief to the local communities.