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Cattle Feed & Fodder Seeds Distribution

Cattle Feed & Fodder Seeds Distribution


It is a basic need of our business that our milch animal get balanced cattle feed as per their nutritional need. It has adverse effect on milk production imbalanced nutrition of costly cattle feed which cause financial loss to our milk producer. Our union has take it very seriously & started 1000 MT capacity modem Sumul Dan Factory at Bajipura & our milk producer get benefited financially by getting well balanced cattle feed. We have produced various types of cattle feed for high yielding animals as per their daily need. Buffalo special Dan is the best example for this.

We all from our unit will plan that at society level they use our scientifically produced cattle feed. Use of our products like Buffalo special, Sumul high pro, Sumul gold plus, Sumul calf starter as per the need is the foundation of our business in development. In addition there is an increase in milk production capacity & Number of buffaloes we have produced & sold our high quality cattle feed "Sumul Buffalo special ( 4265 MT) & Sumul High pro feed (1558 MT).

Details 2017-2018(MT) 2018-2019(MT)
Production Capacity  per Day 800 MT/day 1000 MT/day
Average Production per Day 561 MT per day 551 MT per day
TOTAL SALES of Dan 1,74,256 MT 1,71,258 MT
Sumul Feed Block (Gold) 2,288 Nos 1,015 Nos
Sumul Feed Block (Poshak) 3,092 2,084

Supplementary Cattle Feed

Mineral Mixture is a mixture of various major mineral & trace elements viz. calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, magnesium etc. Remarkable difference in mineral contents of soil in hilly terrain, tribal belt and coastal area is noted. Mineral content in soil has its effect on fodder and lastly on health of milch animals and milk production. In order to maintain animal in good health, we have supplemented mineral deficiencies by adding mineral mixture in cattle feed. Keeping mineral deficiency issues in mind, mineral mixture powder plant at Chalthan have been made operational. We have supplied chelated mineral mixture to milk co-operatives.

To eliminate fertility problems in animals due to mineral deficiency, "Sumul Ferticare gold Plus" powder enriched with bypass fat & chelated minerals is being produced by sumul dairy & being arranged to sell at society level. Sumineral forte Plus, Sumul Ferticare Gold, Sumul Milk Shakti powder, Calcium pellets & Sumul Krumi Nashak Dan are being sold from the Chalthan centre.

Generally, during monsoon season, more number of milch animals gets infested with worm infestation. Keeping this issue in mind, we have manufactured balanced cattle feed fortified with adequate dose ofAnathelmetic (De wormer) drugs and packet of 500 GM of the same supplied to the respective societies.

Details 2016-2017 (MT) 2017-2018 (MT)
Sumul Calcium Pallets (1 kilo pack) 6,705 Packets 2,925 Packets
Sumul Milk Shakti (SMS.) 1 Kilo Pack 55,902 Packets 35,011 Packets
Sumineral Forte plus powder 1 Kilo pack 68,127 Packets 59,567 Packets
Sumul Ferticare Gold powder 1 kilo pack 56,844 1,21,314
Sumul de wormer Dan 500 gm pack 1,14,764 71,138
Details 2016-2017 (MT) 2017-2018 (MT)
Suda Distribution (Nos.) 18 34
Electric Chaff cutters (Nos.) 586 536
Electric Chaff cutters (Nos.) Govt. Scheme 505 265

Fodder Seeds Distribution Programme

With a good intension we have provided good quality fodder seeds at door step as per the requirement of society throughout the year.

Details 2017-2018 (M.T) 2018-2019 (M.T)
Jawar (S. S. G.) 1,132.987 1,418.840
Maize (African tall) 183.960 212.545
Lucerne Bajara 154.965 147.760
Lucerne Anand - 2 1.873 1.772
Nutrifeed 1.088 0.075
Total fodder seeds 1,474.873 1,780.992

Rasan Balacing (R.B.P) Programme :

Our milk producer get their animals well nourished from the fodders available with them & its measure to feed them & To keep balanced cattle nourishment a Ration balancing programme is being activated.

When milk producer giving more production, quality green fodder be available throughout a year for that a RBP project is running to provide good nutritive fodder during the year, green fodder is preserved in the form of silage.

Details of subsidy under FDP / NDP - 1 Programme
Project 2017-2018 Subsidy Amout(RS) 2018-2019 Subsidy Amout(RS) Total Subsidy Amout (RS)
RBP 14,12,586 7,65,641 21,78,227 52,302 ANIMALS
- 46,35,000 46,35,000 5 SOCIETIES