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Cattle Feed & Fodder Seeds Distribution


Supper Bullet grass was planted in phases on approximately 8 bighas of land at Bajipura Chilling Centre last year, providing high-quality seeds to the livestock keepers associated with Sumul Dairy. A Fodder Demonstration Plot has been established at the Fodder Development Farm in Bajipura to provide information about improved quality in various fodders. During the financial year 2022-23, a total of 1,90,515 stem cuttings of Supper Bullet Grass were sold, benefiting 250 societies and 940 dairy farmers. Additionally, trials of the SSG Maui (Rangila) fodder variety at Bajipura have yielded excellent results. Furthermore, a new research variety of hybrid Napier, Sugar Crane Cross, is currently undergoing trials and, if the results are promising, will be made available to breeders in the near future.


The importance of storing green fodder for an extended period while maintaining its nutritional value is widely recognized. It is imperative that we make swift progress in this direction. Green fodder is a convenient and cost-effective source of nutrients for dairy cattle, especially considering the continuous rise in the price of various feed ingredients and their decreased availability. However, to ensure a consistent supply of green fodder, the conservation of green cover is essential. One excellent method for achieving this is by creating "silage" which guarantees a regular and high-quality fodder supply throughout the year, particularly during periods of fodder scarcity. Silage serves as a preserved form of green fodder.

Below is the list of self-made Silage as per Taluka.

No. Taluka Name Silage M.T
1 Bardoli 20
2 Mandvi 28
3 Valod 93
4 Dolvan 02
5 Vyara 14
6 Kamrej 08
7 Olpad 32
7 Palasana 40
Total 237


Calves with favorable genetic characteristics are produced at farmers' doorsteps through artificial insemination, with the support of GCMMF - Anand. After the registration of these calves, the union provides a calf rearing kit (including 10kg milk replacer powder and 50kg calf starter feed), 1kg Sumineral Fort Plus powder, and 100kg Sumul Dan (Elite) along with 2kg Sumineral Fort Plus powder to rear the calves in a phased manner.

No. Details 2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number)
1 Milk societies covered under C.R.P 378 517
2 Calves registered under C.R.P. 23,088 88,008

CATTLE FEED SUPPLIMENTS (Sumineral Forte Plus, Ferticare Gold, Sumul Milk Shakti Powder):

Mineral Mixture is a blend of various major minerals and trace elements, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, and more. Notably, there is a significant variation in the mineral content of soil in hilly terrains, tribal areas, and coastal regions. The mineral content in the soil has a direct impact on the quality of fodder, which, in turn, affects the health of animals. To ensure the well-being of animals and prevent mineral deficiencies in their bodies, the Mineral Mixture powder plant at the cattle feed plant in Bajipura has been made operational. During this year, the Union has been successful in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Chelated Mineral Mixture, featuring a new formulation, new packaging, and a new flavour, in response to the demands of milk producers through cooperative societies.

To address fertility issues in animals resulting from mineral deficiencies, Sumul Dairy has introduced 'Sumul Ferticare Gold Plus' powder, enriched with bypass fat and chelated minerals and is made available for sale at the society level.

Our dairy farmers have been purchasing expensive and low-quality liquid calcium feed supplements from various companies in the market. To address this issue, Sumul Dairy has initiated the production of a high-quality Liquid Calcium Supplement to make it available to our dairy farmers. Starting from this year, Sumul Nutrimilk Formula (a liquid feed supplement available in 1-liter and 5-liter jars) contains essential components such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, D3, E, Chelated Minerals, and Galactagogue herbals (essences of Satavari & Jivanti). This product aims to prevent mineral and calcium deficiencies in dairy animals post-calving and assist in increasing milk production.

To address the issue of infertility in animals resulting from mineral and vitamin deficiencies, Sumul Dairy has initiated the production of Ferticare Gold Bolus, a medicinal solution. "Sumul Ferticare Gold Bolus" contains chelated micro-minerals, including Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Manganese, Iodine, and Selenium, as well as Vitamin A, D3, E. In addition to these components, it also incorporates various other beneficial herbal ingredients.

The boluses produced in this production unit can be utilized to address infertility issues in animals from Surat and Tapi districts, ultimately leading to an improvement in the reproductive capacity of milking animals. This, in turn, will ensure the continuation of generations, preserving India's enduring wealth in animal resources.

Sumul Dan Factory in Bajipura produces balanced cattle feed for animals. During the plant cleaning process, waste materials are generated. To make productive use of this waste, Sumul has decided to produce Organic Waste Bio Compost Fertilizer using various bacterial cultures. This initiative aims to provide our farmers with high-quality organic fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and calcium for their crops.

Additionally, the following Sumul products, Sumul Sumineral Forte Plus, Sumul Ferticare Gold Plus, Sumul Milk Shakti Powder, and Sumul Nutrimilk (liquid feed supplement), were distributed from Bajipura.

No. Details 2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number) Average Increase(%)
1 Surnineral Fot1 Plus (1kg packet) 1,82,167 2,53,124 39%
2 Ferticare Gold Powder ( 1 kg packet) 1,28,662 1,34,727 4.7%
3 Sumul Milk Shakti Powder ( 1kg packet) 35,744 52,470 46.8%
4 Sumul Nutrimilk Supplement ( 1 Lit Jar) 117 466 298%
5 Sumul Nutrimilk Supplement (5 Lit Jar) 123 698 467%
6 Fodder Block (14.5 Kg Bag) 18,462 14,428 -21.8%

SUPER BULLET GRASS (Improved variety of Hybrid Napier Grass):

Adequate green fodder is to be made available throughout the year to maintain milk production in cattle; Sumul Dairy launches "Ek Gram-Dus fodder farm" campaign under Super Bullet fodder Development Program. During the current year, in more than 350 Societies, more than 2 lakh supper bullet stem cuttings distributed to more than 3,000 dairy farmers from the Sumul Bajipura Chilling Centre and Vanskui Animal Breeding Centre.

Fodder Seeds Distribution Programme

In animal husbandry practice, on the less size of land more quantity of nutritive fodder can be cultivated, for that union provided fodder seeds of various improved varieties.

No. Details 2020-2021 2021-2022
1 Sorghum (S.S.G.) M. Ton 1,028.735 994.170
2 Maize (African Tall) M. Ton 80.245 88.005
3 Rajka Bajari M. Ton 102.585 115.670
4 Rajko Anand- 2 M. Ton 0.958 0.570
5 Nutrifeed M. Ton 0.018 0.005
Total Seed M. Ton 1,212.541 1198.420

Every milk producer/society must be feed cost effective silage to their animals having good nutritive value instead of d1y fodder and paddy straw which is costly and having poor nutritive value. Bales of silage in 50kg packing are being supplied by Union at door step of society.

Sumul Dan/Sumul Feed Supplement Subsidy:

The Veterinary department of the union supplies Sumul Dan and Sumul Feed Supplements to dairy farmers with subsidies under various schemes, including those implemented by GCMMF and the government.

No. Details 2021-2022 2022-2023
1 Total Sumul Dan And Sumul Feed Supplement ( M. Ton) 12,333.44 13,121.62
2 Total Amount (Rs. lakh) 3,106.28 3,801.90
3 Total Subsidey (GCMMF/GOVERNMENT) (Rs. lakh) 1,211.97 1,339.69
4 Total Subsidey through Union (Rs. lakh) 1,025.63 1,458.53
5 Contribution of Dairy Farmers Beneficiaries (Rs. lakh) 868.67 1,003.67

Rasan Balacing (R.B.P) Programme :

Our milk producer get their animals well nourished from the fodders available with them & its measure to feed them & To keep balanced cattle nourishment a Ration balancing programme is being activated.

When milk producer giving more production, quality green fodder be available throughout a year for that a RBP project is running to provide good nutritive fodder during the year, green fodder is preserved in the form of silage.

Details of subsidy under FDP / NDP - 1 Programme
Project 2017-2018 Subsidy Amout(RS) 2018-2019 Subsidy Amout(RS) Total Subsidy Amout (RS)
RBP 14,12,586 7,65,641 21,78,227 52,302 ANIMALS
- 46,35,000 46,35,000 5 SOCIETIES