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Development Programs

Social Corporate Responsibility

scheme for the establishment of a dairy farm with 12 milking animals, promoting self-employment through animal rearing business.

To promote animal rearing as a viable business opportunity at the village level, with the aim of generating self-employment and discouraging urbanization, the Government of Gujarat initiated a scheme in the year 2018-19. This scheme provides aid for establishing dairy farms with 12 milking animals.The scheme comprised three compulsory components: the construction of a cattle shed (600 square feet), the purchase of 12 milking animals, and payment of the insurance premium. For these components, the scheme provided a subsidy of Rs. 1.50 lakh for cattle shed construction, covering half of the total investment of Rs. 3.0 lakh. Additionally, there was an 8.5% loan interest subsidy for a period of five years on loans taken, and a subsidy of Rs. 43,200 was available for insurance premium payments. Furthermore, in the optional components, subsidies were available as follows: Rs. 18,000 for a chaff cutter, Rs. 33,750 for a milking machine, and Rs. 9,000 for a fogger system. In the first year, approximately Rs. 3,06,350 in subsidies were earmarked for Scheduled Castes and women beneficiaries per unit. This scheme aimed to install 30 units in Surat district and Tapi district. As of the year 2022-23, the following work has been carried out under the scheme.

District Approved unit Unit Established So far Total Animal Purchased
Surat 16 11 132
Tapi 11 6 72


A scheme, approved by the Tribal Development Department of the Government, operates within the catchment area of Sumul Dairy to provide assistance to Below Poverty Line (BPL) and tribal beneficiaries for the purchase of milching animals and the establishment of infrastructural facilities in a phased manner. To date, a total of 22,648 milching animals have been distributed through the organization of 'Animal Fairs' in the vicinity. Under this scheme, subsidies totaling Rs. 63.46 crore have been disbursed in Surat and Tapi districts.

In the current year, a total of 1,101 milching animals were distributed as part of this scheme. including tribal beneficiaries who were supported in entering the milk production business with a subsidy of Rs. 495.19 lakh. Each unit received an assistance of Rs. 45,000, which covered animal insurance premiums for three years, Sumul Dan, and training expenses in the form of subsidies."

No. Details 2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number)
1 Purchasing of Animals (Number) 2,059 1,101.00
2 Subsidy Amount Rs. (Rs. in Lakh) 667.1 459.19
3 Loan Amount Rs. (Rs. in Lakh) 411.8 247.67

Co-operative Development & Internal Consultant Development Program (CD / ICD)

To further enhance the milk business at the society level, various programs have been initiated in collaboration with the Federation ofAnand to plan and implement these initiatives.

No. Details Program Number Members Present
1 Goal Setting Workshop (VMS) 104 6,297
2 VMS Review 147 8,530
3 Diva Program 52 3,217
4 Women's Education Program 166 10,883


To achieve success in any business, it is essential to have foundational training. In our region, milk producers are involved in this business by raising a substantial number of milching animals. To make dairy husbandry a profitable venture, it's crucial to leverage the experiences of successful milk producers and incorporate technical guidance from experts to maintain scientific standards. By encouraging these milk producers to expand their businesses and become role models for others, a five-day intensive training program has been designed. This program includes a comprehensive technical manual and, for a more practical understanding, visits to large and successful dairy farms in other districts have been given top priority by the Union.

In our area, there are 331 milk producers who supply more than 50 liters of milk are included in this program. Each month, experts from our union offer on-site farm consultancy during their visits to these farms to improve the profitability of animal husbandry businesses. We are moving forward with a clear vision, intending to include more such milk producers in the coming years, with the potential to double their income.

No. Details 2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number)
1 Number of Trainees 251 331

Subsidy Benefit To The Members Under Dairy Enterprinyership Development Programer Of Nabard

"Dairy Enterprinyership Development Project is being implemented under the National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). Main aim of the project is to encourage the milk producer for adventure & to make our business to economic form.

During the year, loans were being provided at low interest rate to purchase the animal to make our business vigorous. In addition, union has tried to get subsidy as per norms on the loan given by NABARD to the members (25% for general category & 33.33% for SC / ST category) those who have purchased minimum two & maximum ten animals.

With respect to above scheme, Surat Jilla Dudh Utpadak Sangh; ltd urged to get the benefit to purchase the animal by taking loan from Surat District Co op bank under dairy enterprinyership develop scheme (DEDS). Following is the detailed list of application for the scheme & receipt of the benefits.

sr.No. Date of Application No of Members No of units of animals Amount of claimed capital subsidy RS Date of Claim deposited in Surat District coop bank Approved No of members Approved amount of capital subsidy RS Date of subsidy paid to the Societies
1 January, 12 174 1,197 1,26,91,800 18/07/2013 156 1,05,10,368.00 Nov; 14
2 March, 12 330 898 1,14,52,500 02/08/2013 330 1,14,42,160 Mar; 14
TOTAL 504 2,095 2,41,44,300 - 486 2,19,52,528 -
During 2016-2017 Applications made under NABARD NDEDS
Date of Application No of Members No of animal units Amount of claimed capital subsidy Date of credit of claims in Surat District Coop bank No of approved members Amount of approved subsidy
July-2016 237 751 1,41,64,350 - - -
During 2015-2016 Applications made under NABARD NDEDS
Date of Application No of Members No of animal units Amount of claimed capital subsidy Date of credit of claims in Surat District Coop bank No of approved members Amount of approved subsidy
June-2015 14 131 21,13,900 - - -
Sep-2015 217 563 1,01,72430 - - -
Oct-2015 265 913 1,76,14,160 - - -
Nov-2015 105 409 72,84,550 - - -
Jan-2016 151 749 1,45,28,820 - - -
TOTAL 752 2765 5,17,13,760
During 2014-2015 Applications made under NABARD NDEDS
Date of Application No of Members No of animal units Amount of claimed capital subsidy Date of credit of claims in Surat District Coop bank No of approved members Amount of approved subsidy
Sept., 2014 50 245 42,32,345 31/03/2015 50 42,40,100
Oct., 2014 18 130 24,26,390 14/03/2015 17 20,53,200
Nov., 2014 35 210 35,46,350 - - -
Dec., 2014 21 120 21,46,410 - - -
TOTAL 124 705 1,23,51,495 67 62,93,300