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Milk Procurement

Milk Acquisition

During the year under review, milk production was adversely affected at the national level due to lumpy disease leading to cattle deaths. Despite this challenge, our union successfully maintained a consistent pace of safe milk acquisition and supply through an active vaccination campaign for our milch cattle.

A total of 70,09,84,448.80 kg of milk was procured during the year under review, representing an 8.04 percent increase compared to the previous year. Eligible societies under various schemes received a total of Rs. 205.07 crores in assistance. (Milk societies with BCC received an additional Rs. 76.18 crore as BCU fat difference amount.

During the year under review, the price of fat per kg paid to milk producers was Rs. 871.50, marking a 10.74 percent increase over the previous year which is Rs. 84.50 more. Additionally, the union distributed Rs. 27.38 per kilo of fat as BCU fat fare, and the association achieved a net profit of Rs. 12,54,55,326, which is an 18.80 percent increase in comparison.

No. Details 2021-2022 2022-2023
1 Cow Milk, Kilogram 41,59,91,184.70 45,43,59,671.80
2 Buffalo Milk, Kilogram 23,28,92,445.00
3 Total Milk, Kilogram 64,88,83,629.70 70,09,84,448.80
4 Total Fat, Kilogram 3,28,04,051.52 3,49,95,976.16
5 Total SNF, Kilogram 5,63,39,593.13 6,08,43,398.49


The VBPS project governed by NDDB under National Dairy Plan-1, the approval was received on account of village milk societies for the year 2018-19, 2019-20 to install 149 Bulk Milk Coolers (BMCs) so that milk can be cooled at society level, improve milk quality, reduce bacterial load in milk, decrease milk quantity from spoiling and farmers do animal rearing scientifically. Under this project, Sumul Dairy received 50% of investment did in BMCs installation as assistance (subsidy) in terms of total Rs 737.90 lakhs.

In the year 2019-20, under VBMPS-NDP-1 project, the BMCs at societies installed and approval received under NPDD :

BMC Capacity No. of BMCs under VBMPS-NDP-1 Project No. of BMCs under NPDD project
1,000 lit 11 0
2,000 lit 74 10
3,000 lit 31 05
5,000 lit 28 10
10,000 lit 05 02
Total 149 27