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Social Corporate Responsibility

SEX SEMEN (Gender Based Semen Dose)

In this technique, doses are made for insemination by removing Y chromosome containing sperms and having X chromosome containing sperms. By using this dose we can only produce cow heifer/buffalo heifer. In the current year, we have used about 6000 sex semen doses.


"Elite herds" are being formed in our milk shed area in which high profile animals are being reared & inseminated with Nominated mating means inseminated by proven bull semen dose. Due to which having high genetic profile, the male calves are being produced & out of these 388 male calves had been selected at the national level. "Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala, governed by NDDB is preparing Semen Doses and is being used at national level. This is the great achievement of our union.