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The Chairman Address

Dear Cooperative Friends,
I am pleased to present in brief of accounts of the accounting year 2020-2021 certified by the auditor & with the consent of all committee members, reports, union's works & activities in the 70th annual general body meeting of Sumul Dairy.

Accounting year was began with global pandemic resulting in 66 days lockdown situation was arisen in the whole country in which all enterprises were got stopped or partially were in operation, in short, all businesses and involved employees working were lost their operations and jobs.

In that difficult period, due to all the facilities developed by the union itself resulting in we faced minimal hindrances in our business.

Due to established facilities by the union itself like milk societies in villages, BCUS, milk transportation, tankers arrangement, our cattle feed factory, veterinary doctors, employees for societies supervision, our chilling centers, dairy plant, processing units, arrangement of sale of products, under the milk is an essential service, resulting in we specially done successfully. By the self established systems, we could able to supply milk and milk products to the our customers in the city easily and disposal of milk of the village milk producers and other essential goods were made available without interruption. Worldwide and across the country has taken note of ours these successful activities.

To stop the global pandemic, awareness regarding this, application of information successfully implemented through field staff and magazines continuously at milk society level by the union.

The 5 liter sanitizer jar was provided, free of cost to each society by the union first time and second time, keeping in view of members, the sanitizer free of cost was provided to control the infection by doing necessary planning.

In the month of March and April, the cash facility was made available for milk payment at milk society level so that farmers could not go out from home to bank or ATM to withdraw cash.

To members of milk societies, all the goods like ghee, oil, tea, cattle feed, seeds, chemicals etc. were made available supply uninterrupted.

Union has been taken care of those who are not pouring milk in societies but milk was accepted from such types of farmers and set an example of cooperation.

All the needs of societies were made available at door step through electronic media such as telephone, Whatsapp without interruption.

Animal treatment services were made available continuously as a milk cooperative activity and did not seen negative effect of lockdown, ours this type of activity, in the coming days, by the collective efforts will pave the way for effective development.

Central Government and State Government have extended support for the development of our union, milk societies and milk producers. In response of that, we are very grateful of the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister, the Dy. Chief Minister and all the government officials. We are thankful to the Chairman, the Managing Director of federation and The Chairmen, Managing Directors and General Managers of member unions who provided their guidance, support and cooperation time to time.

We have been receiving guidance from the Chairman & Managing Director, National Dairy Development Board as and when required for which we are indebted and grateful to him. State Government and its various departments, especially Animal Husbandry, Co-operative department, District Registrar, Surat, Tribal Sub-Plan, Mandvi, Songadh, Surat & Tapi Jilla Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat has extended their co-operation for which we are thankful to them.

We have taken note that cooperation extended from the District Registrar, special auditor (milk), milk audit office, Surat, Chartered accountant Modh & Co., officers from Surat District Cooperative Bank, & other cooperative banks, nationalized Banks, Surat Municipal Corporation, Torrent Power Ltd; Gujarat Gas Co; and Mahidharpura Police station.

We are admire with proud to notice that our valued customers, milk distribution agents, transport contractors, businessmen extended their cooperation too.

We are thankful to Management of Milk Cooperative Societies, of their staff and members for their constant cooperation in operations and in various extension programs implementation.

At last, there has been significant cooperation made available time to time of our fellow committee members of the union for that we are thankful. The satisfactory contribution of the I/C Managing Director Shri Arun H. Purohit, officers and staff members of the union in operation and progress of the organization. With pride, we take note of their contribution and heartily thankful of them for their contribution,


Yours Cooperative
Mansinghbhai Kalyanjibhai Patel