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The Chairman Address

Dear Cooperative Friends,
I am pleased to present in brief of accounts of the accounting year 2022-23 certified by the auditor & with the consent of all committee members, reports, union's works & activities in the 72nd annual general body meeting of Sumul Dairy.

Taking into consideration the welfare of milk producers in the country during this annual year, as a precaution, we successfully safeguarded our cattle through a vaccination campaign aimed at preventing the serious "lumpy disease." This disease has inflicted substantial losses on both the herdsmen and the nation as a whole.

The term 'Healthy Cattle' by the Union denotes a comprehensive strategy focused on maximizing milk production, which includes initiatives such as the 'Mass Deworming Campaign' and 'Mass Vaccination Campaign,' along with around-the-clock quality healthcare for sick animals. Additionally, our artificial insemination service encompasses cutting-edge techniques, including sex semen and embryo transfer.

As an initiative to boost the income of milk producers, we have introduced the "SumulSudico Milk Ganga Pashu Loan Yojana" which provides interest-free loans. Additionally, we have implemented the "Sumul-SudicoVachardi/PadiSavardhanYojana", an interest free program designed to promote the proper rearing of small calves in a scientific manner among milk producers.

We've made a sincere effort to support cattle nutrition by prioritizing silage consumption. Furthermore, we've achieved success through the cooperation of everyone involved, particularly those who have emphasized controlling the consumption of other's local brands Dan.

To enhance the business value for milk producers, we have implemented a highly beneficial family-sized biogas scheme. This scheme offers a cost equivalent to that of 5 months of gas cylinders but comes with a lifespan of 10 years.

To ensure the cost-effective operation of milk cooperative societies, we have made a modest effort to utilize natural solar energy sources to control expenses. This includes the implementation ofthe 'Solar Rooftop Scheme' for BCU societies.

Through the successful implementation of various other schemes aimed at the development of milk societies and milk producers, efforts have been made to achieve the target of25 lakh litres of milk per day in the upcoming year 2025-2026.

At the union level, we have prioritized various project expansion units and a robust sales system to emphasize sales growth through a customer-oriented approach for milk and milk products.

Both the Central Government and State Government have extended their support for the development of our union, milk societies, and milk producers. In response to this invaluable support, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister, and all government officials. We are also thankful to the Chairman and the In-charge Managing Director of the federation, as well as the Chairmen, Managing Directors, and General Managers of member unions who have consistently provided their guidance, support, and cooperation.

Our deep appreciation goes to the Chairman and Managing Director of the National Dairy Development Board, who has offered guidance whenever required, for which we are truly indebted and grateful.

The State Government and its various departments, particularly the Animal Husbandry and Cooperative departments, the District Registrar of Surat, the Tribal Sub-Plan of Mandvi and Songadh, the Surat and Tapi District Panchayats, and various Taluka Panchayats, have extended their cooperation, and we express our sincere thanks to them.

We also acknowledge the cooperation we have received from the District Registrar, Special Auditor (Milk), the Milk Audit Office in Surat, Chartered accountant Modh & Co., officers from the Surat District Cooperative Bank, other cooperative banks, Nationalized Banks, Surat Municipal Corporation, Torrent Power Ltd., Gujarat Gas Co., and the Mahidharpura Police Station.

We take immense pride in acknowledging the valuable support of our cherished customers, milk distribution agents, transport contractors, and vendors who have also extended their cooperation.

Furthermore, we are grateful to the management of Milk Cooperative Societies and their dedicated staff and members for their unwavering support in our operations and the implementation of various extension programs.

Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our Board Members of the Union for their consistent cooperation, which has significantly contributed to our success. We proudly recognize the contributions of the In-charge Managing Director, Shri Arun H. Purohit, as well as the officers and staff members of the union in the operation and progress of our organization. Their contributions have played a vital role in our achievements, and we are wholeheartedly thankful for their dedication.


Yours Cooperative
Mansinghbhai Kalyanjibhai Patel