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Marketing & sales

During the lockdown and corona pandemic, more than 22 lakh people were migrated, resulting in the effect of migration had been seen on Surat market.

As compare to last year we could sell more 97,44,363 ltrs milk, means 2.01% more milk sold. And growth in sale of paneer, shrikhand and sweet was increased also.

During the year we could make sell maximum milk per day was 14,01,703 litres & maximum butter milk per day was 2,99,766 liters. During the year 9,76,661 liters milk & 1,84,513 liters butter milk on an average been sold per day in Surat city, Tapi District & rural areas.

During the year, Sumul Dairy sold 21,017 kg dahi, 10,915 liters ghee, 4,947 kg paneer, 1,416 kg sweet and 1,005 kg shrikhand on an average per day.

No. Details 2020-2021
Increase in
Stock, %
1 Total Sale of Sumul Milk 49,45,96,007.65 2.01
2 Sales of Butter milk 6,73,47,197.72 -17.35
3 Sale of Crud 76,71,355.71 -19.67
4 Sale of Ghee 39,97,049.10 -21.59
5 Sale of Paneer 18,05,598.52 52.53
6 Sale of Mithai 5,16,781.79 11.11
7 Sale of Shrikhand 3,66,493.62 5.88
8 Sale of Ice Cream 40,13,587.76 5.40
9 Sale of Bakery 25,07,685.63 143.98


Milk is one food commodity and there can be adverse effect on its quality if proper care is not taken during production, procurement and transit. Milk is a raw material, and from it milk, and milk products like Ghee, Powder, Butter, Paneer, Curd, Buttermilk, sweets etc are being manufactured. Quality of all products depends on process and raw material. If raw material has good quality, then finished product will have better quality.

Strategy like cleanliness of milching animals, healthy animal, cattle care and personal hygiene of milking person, cleanliness of milking place and cattle-shed, cleanliness of milking vessel and utensils of milk collection at the society, and, responsibility lies with producers for speedy and time bound follow-ups of all activities right from the point of milk production by milching animals. Whereas responsibility of cleanliness of milk collection point, cleanliness of milk utensils, cleanliness of BCU centre and maintain timely and careful transit of milk to the Union/chilling centre lies with directors of the society. The processing of milk at the Union becomes speedy and easy due to good quality milk, thus quality milk and milk products can be supplied to customers.

As milk is the best food for us likewise it is also best food for micro organisms. They multiply very fast in the milk & spoil the milk quality within a short period. Contamination & growth of microorganism in milk can be controlled by getting knowledge by members regarding Clean Milk Production.

To encourage clean milk production Sumul had started incentive scheme from month of July 07 for milk coming from BCUs depending on bacterial load found in the milk. To encourage/improve more quality of the milk depends on number of bacterial load 0-5 lakh or less, 20 paise per litre being giving as incentive.

No. Bacteria lac / ml Paisa / Liter
1 0 to 5 lac 20 paisa per liter

Sumul Dairy exercises efforts to maintain hygienic (total cleanliness) atmosphere of society by which high quality milk can be produced.

It has been noticed great improvement of clean milk production. There are five societies got rank in which milk having less bacterial counts.

No. Society Taluka Bacterial count Lac/ml
1 Kanaghat Mandvi 1.6
2 Kolakui Mahila Mandvi Mandvi 1.6
3 Roshan Mahila Mandal Khareda Mandvi 1.7
4 Kikakui Songadh 2.1
5 Limdha Mandvi 2.1