Surat District Co-Operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd
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Email: [email protected]
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Social Corporate Responsibility

Union’s Visit By Milk Societies:

To provide awareness to members of milk societies by the current daily activities and systems in different units of the union by which they can take direct information and got encourage/help in their business.

During the financial year, 6507 members from 80 milk societies visited and impressed, Chilling Centres, Cattle Feed Factory Bajipura, Icecream & Bakery Plant navi Pardi, Surat Dairy Plant and THR Plant Chalthan, various units of union.

The travelling expense Rs. 50 per visit was given to members and at various centres, the tea & breakfast was arranged also.

Awareness Programmes

Centres of our union like Bajipura cattle feed factory, Ice cream plant, Bakery plant & powder plant at Navipardi, Dairy plant at Surat, THR project at Chalthan & various concerned chilling centres been visited & get informed with the intension a tour is arranged by society members to visit our union tour programmer for visit is made with assistance.

During the year 10,030 members from131 societies visited under this scheme & get informed regarding our provision of facilities.


From the 543 schools/societies of Surat & Tapi & rural area 45,749 students/members visited Sumul Dairy & been aware regarding milk & milk products.