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Automatic Milk Collection Stations (AMCS)

To collect pure and high-quality milk at the society level, we maintain detailed milk records and send prompt SMS notifications. These notifications provide information about the fat content, richness, quantity, and price of the milk supplied to the society by its members. Therefore, we have implemented the 'Automatic Milk Collection System' at the Milk Society level to ensure immediate availability and enhance reliability. Additionally, all the accounting operations of the society are now computerized with modem software, enabling members who sell milk to calculate their earnings at the end of each month. Furthermore, as of March 31, 2023, 1508 Milk Analyzers have been installed in 929 societies to assess the quality and quantity of the milk.

To promptly provide milk procurement information to societies equipped with Bulk Chilling Units or Cans, we have brought 1063 societies online. This allows access to the milk procurement details of these societies and ensures the storage of their milk procurement data. Consequently, in case of any data-related issues, the necessary details can be retrieved from this online platform.

Milk procurement at the milk society level is facilitated through the 'Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS).' The implementation of the AMUL AMCS software is designed to standardize the milk procurement process across all Milk Societies. With this AMUL AMCS software, members who have registered their mobile numbers in the system will receive daily SMS notifications regarding the milk they have sold. Additionally, various AMUL AMCS applications are available on Android mobile phones for Members, enabling them to access information about their milk sales at their convenience. Furthermore, AMUL has initiated the process of upgrading to the new and improved DOTNET software in AMCS, with 220 societies already having undergone the update. This new software incorporates additional features that can prove highly beneficial to both the society and the union.

No. Details 2022-2023
1 Automatic Milk Collection System 1,467
2 Weighing Scales and milko Testers 38
3 Weighing Scales 148