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The Quality Policy for Sumul Dan Factory

We at sumuldan factory, are devoted, dedicated, and motivated Workforce trained to ensure consistent supply of quality Cattle feeds, total mixed ration feed block and fodder block To meet the nutritional requirement of cattle of our milk shed At a price to achieve low cost of milk production.

We will acieve this by utilizing all available raw materials and Resources and continuos monitoring and upgradation of Procedures and processes, applying scientific innovation and State-of-the-art-technology, without disturbing ecology.


The primary concern of the sumul dan factory is to provide superior Quality cattle feed. In order to achieve this, the quality objectives of the sumul dan factory are designed to

  • To understand and meet customer needs
  • To develop competency of employees for continual improvement of their performance and effectiveness
  • To demonstrate continual improvement of process based on objectives
  • To apply least cost formulation without compromising the nutritional requirement of cattle.
  • To apply scientific innovation and state of art technology


Veterinary department of the union was made supply of Sumul Dan and Sumul Feed Supplements with aid to the dairy farmers under the various schemes (GCM"MF/Govt.) are in implementation.

Sr. No. Details 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 Total Sumul Dan And Sumul Feed Supplement (M. Ton) 10,689.007 12,333.44
2 Total Amount (Rs. lakh) 2,640.11 3,106.28
3 Total Aid (GCMMF/Government) (RS. lakh) 765.48 1,211,97
4 Total Aid through Union (RS. lakh) 1,143.35 1,025.63
5 Share of dairy farmer beneficiaries (RS. lakh) 731.27 868.67