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Sumul Vanskui Animal Breeding Center

Genomic Selection Programme:

This scheme involves the study of the genetic makeup of animals to assess their milk production capacity. It allows us to determine the milk production potential of calves, as well as the future breeding suitability of bulls by analyzing their genetic traits. Blood samples are collected from cows and buffaloes by measuring the entire rumen's milk. DNA is extracted from these blood samples to analyze their genetic composition. Our union runs this scheme in collaboration with NDDB and GCMMF.

Sr. No. Details Gonomic Selection Program
2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number)
1 Number of cattle covered under milk measurement 4,366 4,761 - 342
2 Number of animals covered under bloon sampling 2,059 2,461 - -

EMBRYO TRANSFER TECHNIQUE (Embryo Implantation Scheme):

Starting this year we have introduced a pilot scheme at our Vanskui and Bhanawadi farms as part of our rapid breeding improvement program. In this scheme, we collect multiple ova from the ovaries of high-genetic-structure cows and buffaloes. These ova are then fertilized in a laboratory using sex semen from Proven Bulls, and the resulting embryos are transplanted into other cows or buffaloes. Through this scheme, we can achieve 30 to 35 female offspring from high-quality cows or buffaloes. With technical support from N.D.D.B. this year, a total of 99 animals have been implanted, and we are awaiting the confirmation of their pregnancies.


Under the Calf Rearing Program, a total of 2,300 heifers have been distributed from this center to date, with an additional 3 heifers grown and distributed during the current year. The Strategic Calf Rearing Program, initiated with the support of GCMMF-Anand, focuses on delivering a crossbred heifer at the age of 24 months, along with heifers of indigenous breeds like Gir or Kankrej, as well as buffalo heifers at the age of 30 months. Over the past 3 years, 45 Gir heifers have been scientifically reared, with 13 crossbred calves observed calving at the age of 29 months. Additionally, 6 Gir heifers calved on average at the age of 18 months, and 6 Gir heifers became pregnant at the age of 18 months on average. These Gir heifers are being raised at the center with a growth rate of approximately 560 grams per day.

Sr. No. Distributed Cow/Buffalo Bulls 2019-2020 (Number) 2020-2021 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number)
1 H.F. Hybrid Bulls 01 00 00 00
2 Gir Bulls 07 08 11 18
Total 08 08 11 18

During the year, a total of 1,811 bags of vermicompost fertilizer, 104 kilograms of earthworms, 15,702 liters of Gir cow urine, 4,572 kilograms of vermicompost residue, and 6,575 kilograms of Gir cow dung were distributed. Additionally, improved hybrid varieties of fodder stem cuttings, such as 25,095 Super Bullet grass stems, 67 kilograms of Jinjva grass with high protein, were provided to various society members within the union's catchment area. Throughout the year, visitors from various organizations and societies came to seek guidance and direction on scientific animal husbandry.



The livelihood of our members is jeopardized when their valuable herds of animals are lost due to disease or other unfortunate events. To support their livelihoods, the union maintains an animal insurance scheme. Under this program, a total of 8,508 animals were covered through 3,289 policies, with a premium payment of Rs. 4.25 crore to the insurance company. Upon approval, 986 animal insurance claims settled, resulting in the payment of Rs. 5.41 crore to our members.


A total of 21 breeding bulls with high genetic merit were distributed from the Vanskui Centre to various societies within the Union's jurisdiction. Additionally, 16 Gir calves were provided to support organic farming in Umarpada Taluka. High progeny from 4 HF hybrids have been sold for the production of semen doses at the semen station at Panchamrut Dairy in Godhra. Currently, the center is scientifically raising a total of 55 male cow calves and male buffalo calves with high genetic merit.

No. Distributed Cow/Buffalo Bulls 2021-2022 (Number) 2022-2023 (Number)
1 H.F. Hybrid Bulls 17 15
2 Murrah X Pada 07 09
3 Gir Bulls 05 17
Total 29 41