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Sumul Vanskui Animal Breeding Center


From the current year, the scheme has been implemented on a pilot basis at ours Vanskui and Bhanawadi farms as part of rapid breeding improvement. In this scheme, the more ova from the ovary of a cow/ buffalo with a high genetic structure is obtained then ovum is fertilized in a laboratory by a sex semen collected from Proven Bull and the embryo thus prepared is transplanted into another cow/ buffalo. In this way, through this scheme, from high breed cows or buffaloes, the 30 to 35 female offspring per year can be achieved. In the current year, we, by the pilot project of embryo transfer technique have transplanted about 10 embryos resulting in 3 cows pregnant at Vansakui and Bhanawadi Farms.


Under Calf Rearing Programme till now 2,297 heifers has been distributed from this center whereas 3 heifers grown and distributed during the year. Strategic Calf Rearing Program started with the help of G.C.M.M.F., Anand in which a crossbred heifer at the age of 24 months and the heifer of a desi cow like Gir / Kankrej as well as buffalo heifer at the age of 30 years should be delivered calving. This scheme has been working at the center for last 2.5 years. At present, the rearing of 26 Gir heifers and 1 cross bred heifer, total 27 heifers are being rear under scientifically, Out of which calving of I crossbred calf has been observed at the age of 23 months. While the calving of 2 Gir heifers did at the age of 26 months on an average and 5 Gir heifers got pregnant at the age of 19 months on an average, of which calving yet to be pending. Thus of all these Gir heifers are being rear at the center with growth rate at the rate of 610gram/day.

During the year total 1,028 bags vermi compost fertilizer, 73 kilogram earth worms, 13,861 liter Gir cow urine, 4,528 kilogram vermi compost residue and 2,933 kilogram dung of Gir cow was distributed. Additionally, improved hybrid varieties of fodder stem cuttings like 18,875 nos. of super bullet grass, 15,685 nos. of bullet grass and 650 kg Jinjva grass with high protein was distributed to the various society members under union's catchment. During the year, different organizations and societies 2,235 visitors had visited and taken direction and guidance regarding scientific animal husbandry.



Livelihood of the member gets vanished when priceless animal-herd dies either due to disease or by any other means. In order to run livelihood, insurance of animals taking scheme is continuing by the union. Under this scheme, 14,057 animals were covered through 4,288 policies. The Rs.6.83 crore as premium was paid to insurance company. Getting upon approval of 664 animals insurance claims, amount of Rs.3.55 crore have been paid to members.


The total 29 nos. of breeding bulls having High Genetic Merit were distributed from the Vanskui Centre to various societies comes under Union. At present, a total of 33 with high genetic merit male cow calves/male buffalo calves are being rear scientifically at centre.

Sr. No. Distributed Cow/Buffalo Bulls 2021-2022 (Number) 2021-2022 (Number)
1 H.F. Hybrid Bulls 0 17
2 Murrah X Pada 0 07
3 Gir Bulls 0 05
Total 0 29