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To do chemical analysis of milk, the union has made available advanced equipments in the main dairy laboratory and in the all laboratories of centers including Icecream plant and bakery unit made well equipped , total 2, FT-1, FFT-2, two milkoscan (FT120), two Indiscreen machines and one Marsh milkoscan machine are functioning and which are capable to give accurate information regarding adulteration. To count bacterial load in milk, the latest hitech Bactoscan machine is in function at main dairy laboratory. At Sumul Dairy for A1 & A2 protein examination, modern RTPCR machines are there. The installation of GCFID machine at main dairy laboratory is on progress, this machine will analyze milk fat quality.

At the main dairy laboratory as well as at all chilling centre laboratories and at Lahe plant B. R. digital machine was given which is useful to check the quality of the milk fat.

Anew unit of the union at Navi Pardi, bakery & ice cream laboratories made well equipped with all means for the testing of the products quality as per FSSAI norms. To test Take Home Ration (THR) products quality, the well equipped laboratory made available at THR Plant, Chalthan. At Navi Pardi powder plant, the well equipped laboratory made available for the analysis of product quality.

Quality Management System: (ISO: 9001: 2015)

To get matched with the international level standards of quality management, Sumul Dairy, Surat and Lahe Plant had awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

To maintain quality, it is necessary to be remaining alert for cattle care, milk society, BCU, Chilling Centre, Milk transportation, main processing unit of the dairy during all these activities, the precaution and care to be taken and it is necessary that milk of good quality to be available to the customers be careful, also. In October 2013, our Navi Pardi and Nizar Chilling Centers also been recertified with ISO: 9001:2008 certificate. At present from January 2017, all chilling centers been certified with new standard ISO: 9001:2015.

We could have done improvement in the quality of the milk step by step. At rural level 6 societies had received ISO 9001:2000 certificates in 2005. Also, that had been revaluated in 2008, and got renewed certificates up to 2011. In April 2010, more 26 societies have received ISO: 9001:2008 certificates and at another 49 milk societies, in April 2011 survey was conducted by the “Sai–Global, Australia” & all these 49 societies were awarded ISO: 9001:2008 certificate.

In the year 2013–14, more 50 societies were certified with ISO 9001:2008 under quality management system. Total 355 Societies were certified with ISO 9001:2008. All the BCUs have been certified with new standard ISO: 9001: 2015 from March 2017, at present. In the year 2018-19, more 50 societies were awarded ISO: 9001: 2015 certificates under quality management system, now there are total 440 milk societies awarded ISO: 9001: 2015 certificates.

Sumul Dan Factory, Bajipura, awarded ISO: 9001:2015 certificate by implementing Quality Management System, also.

Sumul Bakery & Icecream plant at Navipardi also awarded ISO: 9001:2015 certificates by implementing Quality Management System, also.

Food Safety Management System: (ISO 22000:2005) And FSSC:

In the year 2000, by obtaining Codex (HACCP9000) certificate we became prepared with this design to maintain International Food Safety norms

In 2006, Food Safety Act as similar to ISO Standard 22000, by implementing such certificate was received in November, 2008. Also, in March 2014, all the Chilling Centers being certified with ISO: 22000:2005 food safety management. As per Food Safety Act and standard 2006, our responsibility will be up to “Grass to Glass”. To assure that milk doesn’t contain any harmful elements to health, Sumul dairy, Surat & Lahe plant (Nasik), both together being certified with ISO: 22000:2005 in the year 2008 by the SGS certification body operated from UK.

Sumul Bakery, Powder Plant & Icecream Plant at Navipardi also awarded ISO: 22000:2005 certificates by implementing Food Safety Management System.

In the March 2020, all the units of Sumul Dairy have been certified with ISO 22000:2018. Sumul Dairy, Surat and Navi Pardi have been certified with FSSC 22000. Sumul Dairy, Surat and Navi Pardi awarded with “Halal” certificate.

Management System (ISO) Training:

During the year, external training of food safety & quality management system was given to 60 employees from plant, engineering, laboratory, marketing, purchase & HRD & ER regarding ISO 22000:2018 standards by SGS and 40 employees were given training regarding new act FSSC by DNVGL. 69 officers from Sumul Dairy were appointed as ISO internal auditors for ISO: 9001: 2015 & ISO: 22000: 2018 and out of these, 36 officers were appointed as internal auditor for ISO: 14001:2015 those who are being conduct audit at every 6 months interval.